Drift Farm
Fresh, seasonal blooms
service berries.jpg


Berries that get us through the winter

Like birds, floral lovers in the Sierra Nevada look to berries to get us through the winter. In this image, services berries are stealing the show. I basically live in a berry patch at 6,000 feet. My family eats currents, service berries, choke cherries, raspberries, blackberries, and various fruits from our orchard. The birds help a lot!

We also have to race the birds for berries like viburnum, winter berries, beauty berries, coral berries and roses hips so we have something for the bouquets and wreaths in fall.

But the real show happens on the branches in February when the witch hazel flaunt their dazzling little pom poms against the winter snow. Then I start looking for trees with fat buds that I can bring inside where they will open their buds early. The quinces, lilacs, forsythia and crab apples bloom inside while the storms rage on.


Sheila Hlubucek