Drift Farm
Fresh, seasonal blooms
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No marching in straight lines

Only thieves and armies move in straight lines, right? While being in harmony with nature allows you to follow the path of least resistance. This is my justification for building my planting beds in what appears to be a random variety of shapes, sizes and heights.

My gardens looks straight out of the Flinstone's cartoon. My planting beds look nothing like my peers in Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Yes, I envy their flowers growing in neat lines. Sadly, I don't have that luxury because I'm chipping planting beds out of a boulder patch that is pitted with sage brush, bitter brush and cheat grass.

Everything must be done by hand, but I'm at peace with that. The land is the boss here. We give and take from each other, but stewardship guides my choices. Drift Farm is a mere 2.5 acres next to Forest Service land, and it has sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada and Mount Rose. It's my responsibility to use design principles that allow me to harvest pretty bouquets without "creating an eye sore" as Papa Bear reminds me. 

OK, I envy the hoop houses, green houses and tractors. I grew up on a 5,000-acre farming and ranching operation in north central Montana, so I know what that is like too. Big farming is big risk. So I'll stick to what I'm doing and keep my day job.

Sheila Hlubucek